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 Episode 33

What Mindset Work Looks Like

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So many business owners avoid mindset work. It’s uncomfortable as all heck. Who wants to dig into the dark corners of their minds, unearth their deepest darkest fears, and face the monsters in the closet?!

Hosts & Guests

April Hardeman

Laura Langfitt




What Mindset Work Looks Like

You may not know this, but your mindset has an incredible impact on your business. You may be wondering, “how can thinking positively possibly make me more successful?” 

It is one of the most powerful things you can do in your business businesses. Experts say success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy, but what that boils down to is how you handle the highs and lows in your business. 

Running a business is a grand experiment. When you learn to stop assigning your self worth to your business’s success or failure, you’ll be able to make educated decisions and attract what you truly want. 

You MUST Believe in Yourself to Succeed in Business

You have to believe in yourself before anyone else is going to invest in you. Imagine talking to a business coach who is wishy-washy about helping you. “I think I can help you, or I think I know what you need” are not statements that fill you with confidence when you are looking for someone to help you in your business. 

Instead, if you talk to someone who tells you, “Here’s your problem, here’s how we’re going to solve it, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way, and here are five client testimonials that prove I’ve done this before” You will be confident in their ability to help you. 

The same concept applies to your own business. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to invest with you. It’s obvious when you aren’t confident in your offer. Even if you’re trying to hide it, the people you talk to will feel your fear and desperation. 

Humans are more energetic than we give ourselves credit for being. Just like horses, we can read each other’s vibes, and it doesn’t feel good to have conversations with business owners who don’t honestly believe in their ability to help you.

If you somehow manage to get a client while in this state of mind, it will likely turn into a problematic and frustrating relationship. You’ll constantly second guess yourself. It won’t feel good to serve this person becuase you don’t feel worthy of their business, and it will snowball, building more and more negativity in your life and your business.

The Solution

When you do the work to fix your mindset first and get super clear on who you serve, how you help, and what the client experiences, it becomes much easier to sell your offer and serve your clients. 

If you believe in your ability to help people, you will approach them with love and excitement. You will see an enormous difference in how you can bring clients into your business and serve them incredibly well.

April did precisely this in 2020. She hired a business coach and dove into working on her mindset. It impacted her entire life, from her relationships with her family members to finally attracting clients that were a perfect fit for her business. 

Although April never really struggled to find clients, she had difficulty finding the RIGHT clients. Today people come to her ready to pay a high ticket price and expecting an incredibly high quality of service that she happily delivers. They get what they want (and sometimes more), and they’re happy to pay a price that keeps April excited and happy to do the work.

Before doing the mindset work, April didn’t believe that she could have just 3-4 clients and meet her income goals. She thought she would always have to trade time for money, maintaining a large list of clients that paid low monthly prices.

The shift happened as April was moving from Germany to Texas. She checked her phone on the plane to find four people seriously inquiring about her new high ticket offer. She had no choice but to accept that money and clients could flow easily towards her. In the middle of a move, there was no time for it to be hard! 

It won’t always be this easy for April. With every new level of success comes new problems, but we all need to shift from the mindset that success and making money have to be incredibly difficult. At that point, she didn’t have time to be creating content and implementing a huge marketing strategy, so she pulled back. The great relationships she’d built with her previous clients generated excellent referrals for her and made it easy. 

Mindset Work Isn’t as Glamorous as it Looks on Instagram

When you look at mindset work on Instagram or Facebook, you see beautiful pictures of people meditating, journaling, and drinking tea in these beautiful, perfectly decorated vacation homes. It’s easy to meditate when you’re on vacation because your job is to wake up and do whatever you want to do. 

This romanticized version of mindset work is toxic. Mindset work is not romantic. It’s a heavy form of self-therapy, a daily practice like brushing your teeth—something you do no matter what. Even if the sky is falling, your kids are screaming, and you spend half the day chasing down escaped horses, you take the time to sit with your subconscious and tune into what’s going on in there. 

If something big comes up for you during your mindset work, see a therapist! The act of waking up our subconscious and digging into why we are the way we are is messy and sometimes brings stuff to the surface we didn’t even know existed. Do not try to work through that stuff on your own. Seeing a therapist is healthy and great for yourself, your family, AND your business. 

Energy Vibrations and Your Mindset

Horse people understand the importance of energy because we use it every day in our work with our horses. Horses are the biggest tattle tellers when we’re not in the right mindset. They feed off of our energy and mirror our mindset back to us. 

A high energy vibration results in a better mindset and attracts people and circumstances that match you. If you want to increase your vibration, you can:

  1. Improve your workspace or a space in your home. April has a BEAUTIFUL office with barn doors, art featuring horses, and it’s truly a sanctuary for her. Laura has no clutter, her bunny at her feet, and tons of art from Nica Draws Nature on the falls. 
  2. Show up in the present moment. Stop thinking about what happened in the past or dwelling on your mistakes. Don’t worry about your to-do list. Just live in the present moment and take action for the things that you can control. 
  3. Be mindful of your energetic vibration. Check-in with yourself and be aware of your energy vibration as you go through your day. Step into your higher self and talk to her. Your higher self doesn’t battle her subconscious and her ego all day. She is wise and a great person to check in with often. 

Modern society tells us that the definition of success was a corporate job, spouse, three kids, and suffering a miserable commute daily. To live through these things, most of us suppress our energy and ignore our intuition, pushing us far away from our natural state of being. 

We’re not used to tapping into this potent force that lives within us, but our horses are. They use it for their every move in their every interaction. When we learn to raise our vibration and tap into our higher selves, we find who we truly are. From that point, we have to ask the universe for what we want and remain open to receiving it at the right time. 

The goal of mindset work is to raise the energetic vibrations throughout your body. You know that incredible feeling you get when you get off your horse after an extraordinary ride? We call it the post-ride glow. You’re just riding this high from you and your horse connecting at a high vibration. 

That feeling in your body that you have for an hour after you ride is the feeling you want to carry with you throughout your entire life. It will raise your vibration and help you step into your highest self. 

Riding your horse is a super-easy way to achieve that vibration. If you want to bring it home with you and be able to call on it in your business, mindset work, confronting your limiting beliefs, and digging into your subconscious mind is the way to go. 

You Don’t Have to be Good at Meditating

Mindset work is often romanticized as a magical morning routine. Laura is NOT a morning person. She rolls out of bed at 8:00, drinks a cup of coffee, does her mindset work practice, and starts work around 10:00. You don’t have to wake up at 6 am to be a mindset master. 

Don’t expect your mindset practice to solve all your problems right away. You’re going to feel those incredible high vibrations for an hour or an hour and a half or so after you practice in the morning, but then you’re going to get an email that pisses you off, or something’s not going to go well, and your vibration will drop. That’s okay! This is a journey and not something that will come to you overnight. 

By doing the work to bring your vibration up every day consistently, you’ll begin to establish a new normal. Your subconscious mind will truly begin to shift and heal once you make this a habit and practice consistently. That’s when you’ll see the transformations that come from doing mindset work.

Mindset Work in Your Business 

Most professional sports players have mindset coaches. These people help them improve the way they approach the game and their workouts, and any athlete will tell you their mindset coach is an essential part of their support team. 

If you are struggling with your mindset in your business, hire a coach! Let a professional help you dig into what’s holding you back and help you discover what’s going on in your subconscious mind. Once you bring mindset work into your business, you’re going to see such an incredible transformation. It’s hard to describe, but both April and Laura have experienced it, and it’s truly magic. 

Laura knew she had the skills and strategy piece in her business, but something was missing. She didn’t quite have the impact she wanted with her business despite having the right parts in place. 

She began working on her mindset, and everything started coming together. It’s a lifelong journey, but an incredibly impactful one. What else do you have to lose? If you’re implementing a strategy that should be working for you, but it isn’t, it’s probably your mindset. Honestly, that’s a LOT harder to fix than changing your strategy, but you have to do this uncomfortable work of healing your subconscious thoughts if you want to reach the next level.

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