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Rein in 2020 Virtual Business Summit October 2-4

Virtual Sessions to Help You Reach the Next Level In Your Business



Incredible Opportunity to Reach Your Goals

2020 has been a bit of a wrecking ball, and it can be hard to set goals and make plans when you don’t even know if your kids are going back to school or if serving clients in person will be an option.

2020 Didn’t Go As Planned

What we do know is that horse lovers will continue to be horse lovers, and they need goods and services to support them. That means the world needs you!

The horse industry’s leading experts are coming together to help you take back 2020. You don’t want to miss the Rein In 2020 Business Summit.


For three full days, October 2-4 2020, speakers will present on topics including:


Business and Marketing


Finance and Legal


Non-Profit Organizations




Fitness and Pro Riding


Blogging and Podcasting

We aren’t giving up on 2020, and if you aren’t either, we are here to support you. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas, massive clarity, and a TON of motivation to push you through the end of the year.


We’ll be announcing our speaker lineup soon! You’ll likely know MANY names on the list. Check back here or keep an eye on our social media platforms to stay updated.


Why do you HAVE to attend the Rein In 2020 Virtual Business Summit?

Fix Your Mindset

If you’ve been struggling to find the motivation to work on your business, we’re here to get you back on track by surrounding you with supportive business-minded experts who are here to help.


Make Progress

Are you stuck on the one thing? Something you KNOW you need to take care of that will push you to the next level? It’s common for business owners to get stuck and stall out. The summit presenters will help you overcome your obstacles, make a plan, and move forward.

Find Your Herd

The BEST way to get motivated to take some serious action is to surround yourself with like-minded business owners. Our private community will help you connect with other biz owners, make new connections, and forge supportive partnerships that will continue long after the summit ends.

PLUS, you don’t even have to put on pants to attend!

Meet Your Hosts

Hey guys! We’re Laura and April, hosts of the Rein In Your Herd Podcast. We were supposed to FINALLY meet in person this year, but that didn’t happen. After anxiously waiting for someone to announce an online business summit for horse business owners, we decided to host one ourselves, so here we are.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community of small business owners committed to a better horse industry.







Businesses that have a larger mission to make the world a better place.

 We want to make it as easy for you to make a difference. We do that 2x a month by publishing new Episodes of Rein In Your Herd, but now we can’t wait to get to know you a little better at the virtual business summit.

So are you in? Want to Rein In 2020?