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 Episode 41

Why You Need a Messaging Strategy

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A messaging strategy is essentially your brand story. It calls out to your soulmate clients and shows them how you can change their life. It takes your core values and turns them into customer-facing statements that communicate the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your business.

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April Hardeman

Laura Langfitt




Why You Need a Messaging Strategy

Your messaging strategy is the core of your marketing plan. It encompasses who you serve, what you help them achieve, and incorporates the core values of your business into your work. If you struggle to know what to say to your audience or hold yourself back from building a community because you don’t think you have anything to say, it’s likely because you don’t have a clear messaging strategy.

It can be tough to define a messaging strategy on your own. You’re so close to it that you don’t see the big picture. You have to decide what elements of your business to highlight and how to make them stand out. 

Laura, who has helped many business owners define their messaging strategies, grappled with her own for more than two years before finally committing to it. 

Everybody’s messaging strategy should do three powerful things: 

  1. Attract your soulmate clients. When your soulmate clients discover your Instagram account, your website, or your YouTube channel, they should immediately think, “This was made for me, I love this, and I want more of this.”
  2. Show your soulmate clients why they need you. How are you going to help them achieve a transformation unlike anything else they have ever experienced? 
  3. Repel people who aren’t a good fit. 

As you start to develop your messaging strategy, pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t. You have to start somewhere. It’s going to be widely imperfect, and that’s okay!

Creating a Messaging Strategy Requires Inner Wor

If you ever feel like your marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick, you need a clear messaging strategy. You probably don’t have one because it requires you to own your dreams. 

  • Who do you want to serve? 
  • Why do you want to serve them?
  • How do you help them?

You have to fully believe in the impact of your product or service to deliver your messaging strategy confidently. Many people get stuck at this point because they’re not confident in the transformation they provide. 

If you aren’t confident in the results you provide, you can’t show up powerfully and attract your soulmate clients. You have to do the inner work of owning your impact. Once you do that, your messaging strategy will come through clearly.

Both of us have seen the benefits of implementing a powerful messaging strategy. April is pumping out YouTube videos like crazy. She has more ideas than she has time to film, and Laura has returned to blogging for her business, the words tumbling out as fast as her fingers can type. 

It’s Okay To Repeat Yourself

People with strong messaging strategies come back to the same topics again and again. They don’t repeat themselves, but they cover the same issues from a slightly different angle as they learn and grow. For example, we’ve talked about messaging strategies in a previous episode, but never in this way. 

Keep in mind that the people you are marketing to are at the beginning of your buyer’s journey. You are deep into it. What seems obvious and trivial to you is probably exactly what they need to hear. Repetition at this stage is an essential part of helping your soulmate clients remember you. 

Spend some time thinking about your messaging strategy today. What are the core things that people need to understand to be successful working with you? What typically stands in people’s way of seeking help with the problem that you solve? How can you empower people to want to be better and want to get help?

Answering these questions in emails, blog posts, videos, or social media posts will help people understand how you can help them.

Listen above to learn more about creating a messaging strategy for your horse business. 


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